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Applewood Farm Publications - Block Of the Month

I promised myself that this year I would take time to explore new techniques. My goal is to have another book finished by November 1, 2012. But I want to have lots of time to experiment, to have the luxury of time to make mistakes.

Plus the book I just finished still needs to be babied along, approving edits, layouts, marketing plans. (Just wait until you see the cover, itís spectacular!)

So, for the first time in over ten years, there will be no bom from me. With so much available now on the internet, Iím not at all sure it will be missed. Perhaps, like me, you are still finishing up last yearís (or the years before).

I hope youíll hang in with me on the blog, and on Facebook. Who knows what silliness may pop up along the way.

Thank you,


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