Oh boy! Ae we going to have fun! My workshops are carefully paced to achieve just the perfect balance between teaching and sewing time for each student. The projects are all specially designed cover all the important techniques for the process, with just enough time for silliness and laughter.

During our time together, I will encourage you to do your personal best and remind you that perfection is not a reasonable goal. It’s important to enjoy what we are doing, or we might as well be at work! My workshops are always great fun and jam-packed with tips and techniques to fill our quilting time with joyful success.

Beth is semi-retired but still available for local teaching. Please contact her for availability at Beth@applewd.com.

About Beth

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Lectures/Trunk Shows

Each lecture is a “heaping” hour long, plus a trunk show of dozens of quilts.

Pieces of a Quilter's Life
Who would have guessed that a life long addiction to fiber would end up like this? Beth has had more than her share of quilting adventures. Her humorous stories will leave you laughing. Includes a trunk show.

Will you make me a quilt?
Quilters are a funny lot, with our own special vocabulary and odd habits when it comes to buying fabric. Beth's humorous look at what it means to be a quilter will have you in stitches. Includes a trunk show.



A heaping six hours, each workshop is jam-packed with great information, heavy on techniques and lots of fun. Half day workshops are available in conjunction with at least one full day workshop.

Hand Appliqué by Machine
Learn how to imitate the look of fine hand appliqué with your sewing machine. My nifty-deluxe appliqué technique will take you from novice to appliqué goddess in one class! All projects include techniques for points, curves, cleavages, all the things an appliquist (applique artist) needs to know! Choose your project:

        One Day Workshops                                                                  
          Forget me Nots
This charming wall hanging (finishes about 18 inches square) will teach us all the basics of Hand Appliqué by Machine. We'll cover efficiently creating our templates, playing with color and value, glue basting and sewing our motifs, and of course, the hallmarks of all excellent appliqué: points, curves and cleavages.
Skill Level: Fun for all! Supply List (In PDF format)
                                        Simply Roses
A lovely little taste of appliqué, this wall hanging (finishing 8 ½ x 20 ½) makes a fine introduction to Beth's Hand Appliqué by Machine technique. We'll explore color and value, making our templates, glue basting and sewing our motifs, making perfect circles and tiny stems.
Skill level: Fun for all! (Supply List)
(In PDF format)
        Two Day Workshop                                              
          Hearts a Flutter
Be still my heart! Let this delightful appliqué project show you the basics of Beth's Hand Appliqué by Machine technique: efficiently creating templates, glue basting and sewing the motifs, playing with color and value, and that's just the first day! On the second day we'll embellish our design with hand embroidery and beads. Too much fun!
Skill level: Fun for all!
  (Supply List) (In PDF format)

Sneaky Piecing Tricks
Everything's easier when you know the tricks, let me show you how my favorite tricks will improve your piecing, saving time and effort in the process. Chose your project:

One Day Workshops  
      Easy Peasy Sneaky Tricks
Don't let it fool you! This little 24 inch quilt is jam-packed with tricks, tips and techniques. From rotary cutting basics to sneaky binding tricks, each block is designed to illustrate a new process.
Skill level: For everyone.
(Supply List) (In PDF format)
              Sneakier Piecing Tricks
This quilt is 20 inches square, and takes quilters into techniques that are just a little bit more challenging. Some piecing experience is helpful. Stubborn beginners need not fear, Sneaky Piecing tricks will have you sewing up blocks you thought were too hard, andare always welcome.
Skill level: Some experince helpful.
(Supply List)
(In PDF format)
      Machine Quilting
Some of us quilt by hand, some quilt by machine and others quilt by checkbook. If you'd like to be more successful in your machine quilting skills, I can help you with that.
  One Day Workshops                                                              

Machine Quilting Basics
In this workshop, we learn how to take advantage of the speed of machine quilting without sacrificing the look of traditional hand quilting. From basting to binding, we'll cover the basics and more. Tons of information on batting, fabric, needles, threads, washing and care.
For all skill levels.
Supply List (In PDF format)


Romancing the Stitch
For theconfident beginner machine quilter who is ready for a challenge. We will explore scads of free motion designs that don’t require marking the quilt, including feathered wreaths and border garlands. We will discuss specialty threads and bobbin quilting.
Intermediate to advanced skill level. (Stubborn beginners are always welcome.) Supply List (In PDF format)

Two Day Workshop    
Machine Quilting Master Class
Combine Machine Quilting Basics and Totally Free Motion to go from zero to hero in two days! Bring your summer spreads to class and we’ll help you design the quilting motifs! See Supply List for "Machine Quilting Basics" and "Totally Free Motion" above.

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