Beth's Quilting Studio      

From Kent:

Beth's studio had been in a small, cramped, study in one corner of the house for several years.. Pattern printing and orders had been run out of a small office at the opposite end of the house. Some time ago she set her sights on our two car attached garage that had been added onto the house in the 1940s. In 2002 & 2003 we converted it to a 22' by 24' studio for her to design quilts, write and teach classes.

The studio has a great view of the open fields, gardens and river behind the house. It is heated by a gas fireplace and has a high "tray" ceiling with a ceiling fan. We even have lots of 20 amp outlets for quilters to plug in thier irons! It has a separate entrance facing the parking area. In 2008 we were finally able to build a new detached garage to keep the cars in.

Below are photos from the construction in 2003 with moving in photos at the top and early construction at the bottom.:


From 2003: Beth is finally moving in! Of course everything is a mess and she can't find anything... but she is in!

Now for the outside: painting, sidewalks, steps, flowerbeds, move the bird bath, etc.


Beth's desk      
Sewing stuff getting sorted out.   How did all this stuff fit in that little room?  
Fireplace, closet and back office   Kelly checking the carpet for comfort.  
Carpeting in - It is done! (inside)   Kelly Kat has moved in.  
Window Trim Complete - Caleb looking in     Kelly Kat enjoying a nice spring day.
April 4 - Lights and painting done.     Ceiling fan installed

Almost done with plastering (March 16)     Painting walls and ceiling - Late March
Caleb plastering joints     It's starting to look good !
Drywall nearly complete on walls. Lots of plastering left to do. (Feb. 28 2003)     David putting up one of the last ceiling panels
  Ready to put up ceiling drywall (ugh!) Kent Stapling Insulation - Folks down under: Notice the "Holden" hat that Beth brought back from the Toowomba Quilt Fest. Most folks up here do not even know what a "Holden" is.
Roof Trusses rebuilt, floor complete, pulling wires (lots of wires) We have Heat! (always important in Michigan) - New gas fireplace

New siding and trim - Outside is complete (Jan. 2003) Roof framing is complete, floor complete (Jan. 2003)
David cutting floor insulation New window by parking area(full of goobers)
Nathan working on the floor joists Jeremy (friend of the family)
Wall completed - Still needs clapboard Starting to put new floor in
Jake & Caleb helping build the wall (Dec. 2002) The greatest plans of mice, men and quilters...

Jacob cutting wood for the wall (Dec. 2002)

Caleb nailing the inner sheathing
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