The Test Pattern - Page 2

Week Two: Steps Four through
Always start with show and tell.
Step Four shows a slick trick for
making flying geese blocks.
Itís fun to see the quilts come
together. Have the students
complete just one of the four
patches made in step four.
Step Five
Easy, quarter square triangle
blocks work up very quickly.
Step Six
The Tri Recs is an awesome tool.
It makes sewing the skinny points
a walk in the park. Have the
students put together the nine
patch block in class, but assign the
pieced strip for homework.

Week Three: Steps Seven and
The Tri Recs block in step seven
can be a little tricky. Make sure
that the skinny triangle fabrics are
placed properly.
Itís fun to see the quilts come
together. This class is an excellent
time to talk about quilting classes
or services that your shop may

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