Demonstrate basic rotary cutting
The Pieced square in a square is a
nice introduction to rotary cutting,
sewing biases and assembly line
This block will include sewing
some bias edges. Itís important to
show the students how to allow
their sewing machines to advance
the fabric. Many beginners drag
the pieces out the back of the
machine. This guarantees a
stretched bias. A gentle touch
should guide the pieces easily
Homework: finish the pieced
square in a square blocks. Rotary
cut the rest of the pieces for the
quilt. Sew the half square triangles
for step four.
Week Two: Step Four, Step
One and Five
Always start with show and tell.
Quickly show the class how to
assembly line sew the nine patch
Friendship Star blocks.
Step one, the square in a square
blocks, can be a challenge to
quilters. Pinching the centers of
the edges of the triangles and the
center square can help the students
to line the triangles up correctly.
Gadget Alert: The Ultimate Point
Trimmer really makes this block
easier to do. Chopping the points
off the corner triangles makes
fitting the pieces together much

Class Format:
Introductory Skill
Level: Three sessions,
three hours each
Confident Beginner
Skill Level: Two
sessions, three hours
Before Class: Decide the skill
level you wish to set for this class.
The design is very easy, even a
brand new quilter could easily
complete this quilt. If you wish to
use the pattern as an introductory
class you will need to teach rotary
cutting in the first class session.
For experienced quilters, assign
the rotary cutting to be done at
home. Suggest that they place the
pieces for each step into a
numbered ziplock bag.
Introductory Skill Level
Week One: Start With Steps
Two and Three
Gather the students together in the
classroom for introductions.
Nametags are very helpful to not
only the teacher, but to the other
students. This builds social
bonding with the class.
Ask each student to describe her
quilting skills, and what she is
hoping to learn in this class.

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