Eight three hour sessions
Skill level: intermediate to

Week one:
Block one. This basic block
covers many simple but
important techniques. During
this class take the time to cover
rotary cutting skills, squaring up,
proper pressing and chain
piecing techniques.
It is useful to begin work on the
Each student will need 56 of the
four o’clock shapes, 32 posies, 44
bells and 32 leaves. Have the
students start on the process:
cut freezer paper shapes, plastic
templates, or trace onto fusible
web depending on the method
of appliqué that you choose to

Week Two:
Block two. This block teaches
how to use connecting corners.
Practice pinning so that the
connected corner seam crosses
the pinwheel seam at the
quarter inch seam line. This is
preparation for success at the
Star of Bethlehem.
Demonstrate the next step in
the appliqué. If you are doing
the invisible machine appliqué,
this is the time to start glue
basting. Hand appliquérs can
start thread basting if desired.

Homework: Start cutting out
the 6 1/2” squares and 6 1/2” by
9 1/2” rectangles for the
appliqué backgrounds.
Cut the strips and shapes for
blocks 3 and 4. Just cut the strip
for the blade fabric, the cuting
on the bias will be
demonstrated in the next class.
Note: I have found that students
are more comfortable cutting in
their own sewing areas.
Classroom tables are often too
low, lighting can be iffy and the
pressures of time combine to
make cutting in class
unpleasant. This way they are
free to take their time to cut

Week Three:
Block Three: This block offers
practice in cutting the 45 degree
angle needed for the Star of
Bethlehem. Remind the
students that they are working
with bias edges. Watch out for
quilters who pull their patches
through the machine. It is
important to let the feed dogs
advance the bias edges without
pushing or pulling.

Block Four. We will be matching
pieced and unpieced triangles.
Match the right angle corner, not
the seam allowances. This way
if there is any discrepancy in the
sizes, the error will be hidden in
the seam allowance!

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