Teaching Guide

Schedule: two sessions, 3
hours each

Session One
products to showcase:
Triangle Paper by SPPS

The Angler by Pat Bono

Easy Angle

Piecing the maple leaves.

To swap:

When swapping blocks,
quilters are often
concerned about the
swapmates’ color choices.
The joy of swapping is the
way it expands our color
palette. Sometimes
setting guidelines such as
background fabric or color
choice limits help to calm
these fears. Be sure to
include these guidelines in
the supply list. Also
prepare the quilters for
the individuals who “forget”
the suggestions. It is
often these blocks that
add zing to our quilts.
The pattern is very
straight forward for a
larger class. For a class
with fewer than 16

students, consider having
each student make two
sets of eight leaves or
four sets of four leaves.

One of a kind:
This is a perfect application
for the Easy Angle tool.
Triangles for individual
leaves can be easily and
quickly cut for each block.

Session Two

Swap the leaves and the
charms squares from
session one. Use the
charm squares to make
the leaves for the applique.
Use your favorite method
for applique. The directions
in the pattern are for
invisible machine applique.
Fine needles such as 70/10
Schmetz needles give the
best results.

Set aside time to play
with the leaves for the
border. This is an excellent
time to explore color and
value concepts. For
example: I never place the
darkest leaves in the
corners, but rather one
position before or after
the corner. This keeps the
eye moving.

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