Teacherís Guide

Schedule: One 4 hour session
*Excellent Make-it/Take-it!

Products to showcase:
6 inch square rulers for squaring up
Brooklyn Revolver
decorative stitching on sewing machines

The directions in the pattern are pretty straightforward.
It is important to shuffle the piles of fabric just the
number of times listed for each step to keep getting
random fabrics. You can also just shuffle the whole pile as
you go. For the occaisional times when like fabrics end up
touching, simply place that square in an area that will be
cut away from the pattern.

Donít let the students agonize over fabric placement. This
is meant to be a fun, easy, mindless project, donít let them
try to over control!

The larger blocks are a terrific place to spotlight any
special machine techniques for those selling machines in you
shops. Consider making an embroidery machine available for
stitching out names on the collars. A little practice could
set up the alignment. Start on them early in the class so
that they all can be finished by the time the students are
ready for them.

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