Teacher’s Guide:

Schedule: Three 2 hour

Note: If this is offered as
a true beginner’s class, add
one hour to each session.

This is an excellent
beginner’s class. The
pieces are large, simple and
the techniques are basic.

Session One:

Start with a lesson on
rotary cutting. Show the
students how to cut
following the length of the
grain for borders and WOF
(width of fabric) as found
in many quilting patterns.

Demonstrate cutting on
the diagonal twice. Have
the students cut one strip
of each in the cutting
instructions, cut each strip
into several of the
required shape.

Work the student through
steps one and two. Have
them make a couple of
each shapes. Demonstrate
how to square up a block
to finish step one.

Step Two is an good time
to teach about opposable
seam allowances and chain

Homework: Make as
many quarter squares and
four patches as required
for the size of quilt they
are making.

Cut out all the shapes.

Session Two:

Work on step three of the
pattern. Be sure to
stress the importance of
following the diagrams
carefully. Make two innies
and two outties. Make one
large “four patch”.

Demonstrate how to sew
the quarter square
triangles to the assorted
pieced blocks in steps four
and five.

Finish sewing the innies,
outties and large “four

Make up the odd shapes of
steps four and five. Be
sure to pin together and
mark like shapes. The last
step will be so much easier
if every thing is labeled.

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