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Here are the comments that other quilters have left behind:

Jeannie Carter, Farmington, Utah writes at Friday, 25-Nov-11 22:59:12 EST:
Love your block in Quiltmakers 100 block. Do you have a whole quilt of blocks it goes with?

Gail (Stormie) Bryant, Cincinnati, Ohio writes at Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 07:44:39 EDT:
Hi Beth! I have one problem..lol. Years ago you appeared on Simply Quits with Alex Anderson. You made a quite in Black and Marble Brownish Color. I bought you book and couldn't find the pattern. My Nephew is still bugging me, after all these years about that particular quilt. Can you HELP ME! please. Also I love the easy way you teach, you have came to my rescue many times! Sincerely Gail (), my friends call me Stormie.

Peggy Barkle, Atlanta GA writes at Monday, 13-Jun-11 20:21:06 EDT:
I was so pleased to meet Beth this past week at the Alabama Symposium. I was truly impressed with her desire to teach, challenge and support every quilter she has the pleasure of meeting. Her wit was beyond impressive. If your looking for a teacher is not only teaches great skills but lets you laugh your way through it; Beth's your girl.

Monique MacIntyre, Rochester, NY writes at Sunday, 12-Jun-11 19:07:33 EDT:
I've just discovered you, ordered a book, and can't wait to try your approach to appliqué as i seem to be a pretty substandard appliqueist so far! The process is fun, the outcome is sad:)

Rita C, Rochester, NY writes at Tuesday, 07-Jun-11 23:40:46 EDT:
Wow, i just discovered Beth and her beautiful quilts. going to take a class asap.

Charlotte Coutcher, Flint, MI writes at Wednesday, 23-Feb-11 06:07:57 EST:
Looking forward to seeing you again this evening. Keep stitching. Charlie

Gail, Ontario Canada writes at Wednesday, 08-Dec-10 16:01:52 EST:
I love your BOMs and the option to order the material...beautiful

Sarah Sander, Illinois writes at Wednesday, 08-Dec-10 09:38:14 EST:
Would like to get on your e-mail list. Really like your website

Lee Waltenberry, Wales Wisconsin writes at Thursday, 04-Nov-10 17:00:33 EDT:
I belong to three quilting groups (2 of which are guilds) and am in charge of programs and activities. Always looking for fun and informational people for lectures and classes. Please feel free to contact me at How does your schedule look for 2011? Sincerely, Lee

SARA TUCKER, TYLER, TX writes at Friday, 12-Feb-10 15:43:58 EST:
Your program for our guild was great. Wish I could have taken the class.Come back again. ST

Stephanie Floyd, kettle falls washington writes at Thursday, 04-Feb-10 17:05:51 EST:
Just wanted to say I saw you at wsq (Washington State Quilters) on Jan 28 2010. Really enjoyed you. You are a great speaker, with great quilts and information. Thanks so much for coming to see us!

Julie Unholzer, Woodslee Ontario writes at Wednesday, 03-Feb-10 14:12:51 EST:
so nice to hear someone speak lovingly of their home & travels. I am learning to appreciate my life on the farm. Heard about your through the Windsor Quilters Guild.Hope to meet you in person.

Philla, Oregon writes at Thursday, 28-Jan-10 17:24:18 EST:
Love your quilts... Would love to receive a monthly updates but couldn't find a link to sign up ... Please add me to your mailing list... Thanks so Much for sharing your beautiful quilts...

Theresa Stralser, Ceheny,WA writes at Friday, 22-Jan-10 15:10:41 EST:
I am looking forward to your class next week in Spokane

C Brett, Oregon writes at Sunday, 03-Jan-10 02:00:01 EST:
I would like to ask if you could refer me to some fabric sites which feature woodsy prints: leaves, outdoor, animals, much like the log cabin type of prints. I have gone up on Northcott and they have one only by Laurie Godin. But I would like to have a variety and I have gone to many stores which feature children's flannels, but I am looking for adult flannels in this type of print. Can you refer me? Thank you.........

Jerilyn Cross, Ohio writes at Thursday, 31-Dec-09 11:13:48 EST:
I would like to know when the "Now and Forever" quilt pattern/book, will be ready to purchase? Also, do you have a price on it? Thank you.

Judi Niederstadt, Saginaw, MI writes at Wednesday, 30-Dec-09 11:47:56 EST:
Hi Beth - I just bought the whole rest of the bolt of your "Audrey's Garden"....brown background with nosegay....for a child's jacket - will pair it with dark brown chenille. I'll send you a picture!

Karen Widdas, Clinton Twp. Michigan writes at Thursday, 24-Dec-09 22:26:51 EST:
I work with your sister Pam and would like to thank you for the copy of your new book she gave to me. I can't wait to make the cat wall hanging. Thank you again. Karen

Edda Kraynak, Portage, Michigan writes at Thursday, 22-Oct-09 19:03:32 EDT:
Hi Beth, I attended your workshop today and had a fabulous time. I am feeling confident that I may learn to love applique yet. You've inspired me to give it another chance. Thank you for a wonderful presentation at our guild meeting, a top notch workshop and for sharing your beautiful quilts with us.

Heather Sedlacek, Kalamazoo, MI writes at Wednesday, 21-Oct-09 09:34:21 EDT:
Thanks for coming to our Kalamazoo Log Cabin Quilters meeting last night- your presentation left us all in stitches! Wish I was attending your fun class today instead of being at work!

nanette kraklow, The Hill Country, TX writes at Monday, 28-Sep-09 23:44:09 EDT:
do you sell any kits or any fabric for the harvest wreath pattern. Do you ever come to Houston or The Hill Country to teach classes?

Beth Ferrier, Seymour, TX writes at Wednesday, 09-Sep-09 18:59:46 EDT:
I thought it was something to find you. My birth family all live in Michigan - Howard City and Cedar Springs. Just thought I would drop you a note.

Chiquita Barnes, Cullman, Alabama writes at Saturday, 22-Aug-09 16:55:45 EDT:
I am on the 2011 Steering Committee for the Quilt Symposium of Al.(QSAI.org)Hoping to meet you there.

angeljeanne, Great Falls Montana writes at Sunday, 14-Jun-09 14:59:29 EDT:
Yes it is beautiful where you are at and also it is the same here, Loving to quilt is one of my pleasures, gaining more knowledge so that I can do better at something I saw that was new to me, yes I get excited. Learn and even more, SO FUN,,,You dear lady take care, Hope your days are full of sun and warmth,,Hugs Jeanne

Barbara Marshall, Hemet, California writes at Monday, 08-Jun-09 18:42:15 EDT:
I enjoyed looking over your web page. It's great sharing what others are doing in the world of quilts. I especially enjoy looking at original designs. Maybe someday I will build up the courage to design my own!

Elisa, Kopavogur Iceland writes at Wednesday, 15-Apr-09 19:31:15 EDT:
Hi, I like your work very much. Block of the month is so nice;)

Patty Page, Kamiah, Idaho writes at Monday, 16-Mar-09 16:44:40 EDT:
A friend of mine loaned me her copy of Hand Applique By Machine and I loved it. I am hooked and will shortly have my own copy, plus several other of your books.

Betty McIntyre, Stoney Point., Ontario, Canada writes at Wednesday, 18-Feb-09 15:15:15 EST:
Hi Beth..I love your site and was sooo excited when I received your book, Hand Quilting By Machine. I had to order it after seeing your new BOM. I have hand appliqued a little but am afraid of machine quilting. A friend told me about your site and I am enjoying it very much. Am anxious to get started on BOM as soon as I return from Texas in March--Winter Texan.

Jean Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK writes at Wednesday, 11-Feb-09 10:42:29 EST:
Friend sent me this site, I love it.. great ideas..

Candy Lovelace, Ellenboro, NC writes at Friday, 16-Jan-09 23:01:01 EST:
I love the web-site. Found out about it on SewForum.

Marcia, Chugiak, Alaska writes at Friday, 09-Jan-09 20:02:53 EST:
I enjoyed hearing you on Annie Smith's podcast and thought I'd check out your site. Made me homesick hearing that midwest accent... I'm a Michigander born and raised. We've lived in Alaska for 28 years now, but Michigan will always be "home". I've never been a fan of hand work, but would love to try your machine applique techniques. I'll be ordering your new book soon!

Wanda K Barber, Trussville, Alabama USA writes at Thursday, 08-Jan-09 20:50:38 EST:
That is a beautiful picture of your "home". I work at Heart to Heart Quilt Shop in Trussville and love every minute of my time there. Even though our larger area being Birmingham is beautiful we do not have snow like you do. If you are ever in Birmingham, please come by our store to see us. We would love to have you visit.

Priscilla Cummings, San Diego, CA writes at Saturday, 20-Dec-08 23:40:43 EST:
Nice site...

claire graham-smith, Burlington Vermont writes at Saturday, 20-Dec-08 17:15:35 EST:
Hi Beth Great to hear you on Annie's podcast. I had the pleasure of doing the VT shop Hop last march and your pattern was our featured quilt. I loved it. My son Noah Patullo and I were interviewed by Annie about kids quilting on #134. Claire

Diane Nagle, Henderson, NV USA writes at Friday, 19-Dec-08 13:46:07 EST:
I happened upon this BOM at the end!!! I wanted to be on the list for new stuff coming up!!

Judi, new boston mi writes at Wednesday, 26-Nov-08 19:02:37 EST:
I just found you....I am hooked...will be ordering books and hopefully get my guild to have you down. Love your style.

Isabelle Dusett, Lenox Michigan writes at Wednesday, 29-Oct-08 12:24:43 EDT:
Hi I just Love Your Quilt Pinwheel & Posies The colors are just beautiful. I brought both the book & the fabic kit for it. I just can't wait to get started on it. Have it right out so I can see it LOVE It

Joyce Besase, Katy, TX writes at Monday, 13-Oct-08 09:56:10 EDT:
I just loved seeing you on The Quilt Show. I've been wanting to start to applique, but not the confidence. After watching you, I now have hope. Are you going to have a booth at the Houston, quilt festival this year? Wuilt hugs,

Beverly Davis, Riverview, Mi writes at Friday, 03-Oct-08 22:20:24 EDT:
Beth I thoroughly enjoyed your class at Sew What in Wyandotte. It was a great pleasure to be with you. I hope I get that opportunity again. Beverly

Dorothy L. Kennedy, Bakersfield, California writes at Monday, 29-Sep-08 23:00:36 EDT:
I just finished my quilt top-Pinwheels and Posies, and am glad to say it went together soo easy, and I can't believe I have it ready to do the machine-applique already!! Can't wait to see the next one. I really look forward to the 15th of each month....thanks . I enjoy your site very much....

Beverly, Florida writes at Monday, 29-Sep-08 19:55:48 EDT:
I was late for Pinwheels and Posies but think I found a bit of heaven coming to your site! Will look forward to visiting again! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

OmahaGal, Omaha NE writes at Sunday, 28-Sep-08 22:15:03 EDT:
This website rocks!!! Got here this month for the first time and see your BOM is wrapping up. I am now very eager for your next BOM to start. Will that be in October?

Cathy Schweer, Salina, KS writes at Tuesday, 26-Aug-08 22:14:37 EDT:
This is a great site! I am so glad my Mom sent it to me!!!!

judi cabanaw, new boston michigan writes at Wednesday, 20-Aug-08 22:49:15 EDT:
I saw the quilt piwheels and posies on the qnn and i fell in love with it I will be ordering the book i wish i would have seen it sooner

Lauray Yensch, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia writes at Tuesday, 19-Aug-08 22:02:25 EDT:
Just loving Pinwheels & Posies! It's so pretty and your instructions are great.I just love seeing the 15th roll over on the calender and get excited waiting for the 16th and the next instruction sheet. Thankyou & blessings to you Beth.

Deb Sarhan (Jerzydeb), The Jerzy Shore ! writes at Sunday, 27-Jul-08 08:21:44 EDT:
Just wanted to say Thank You - I've been enjoying your projects for years now - but finally found the time and my way to take the time to look over your family pictures - and wow - a woman after my own heart ! When I saw the material under the highchair at Alex's 1st birthday party (I use shower curtain liners) - I said to myself - here's a woman that's not only super talented - she is also so very down-to-earth. I know it must take a lot of your precious family time to keep these projects up to date for us - but I just wanted to say that you've helped my quilting come a long, long way !!

Lauray, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia writes at Wednesday, 18-Jun-08 19:02:52 EDT:
I just love "Pinwheels & Posies" and working on it in the Land Down Under. I'm so pleased to read that you came to visit Toowoomba, a very pretty town and we have many more lovely places in our wide country waiting for visitors to discover their beauty.Come on Down!

Joan Brown, Monett, MO writes at Thursday, 05-Jun-08 17:27:51 EDT:
I just watched your show with Alex and Ricky and was intriqued with your quilts, so wandered over to see your books. I love all your patterns. I'm a great fan of piecing and applique together, so I think your quilts are wonderful. I can't wait to try your techniques.

Sandy, Iowa writes at Monday, 02-Jun-08 21:11:36 EDT:
Just enjoying your website.

Elaine Csiszar, Westland, Michigan writes at Monday, 02-Jun-08 19:32:05 EDT:
I just found out from a friend about your web site. I am excited to see what your site is all about.

Nancy, Pitkin, Colorado writes at Wednesday, 14-May-08 18:17:02 EDT:
Beth !! I just watched your show with Ricky & Alex on The Quilt Show. It was great !!! What a great surprise to see you on the show. Loved it ! ( www.thequiltshow.com - episode#210 )

Janice Dinse, Gastonia, NC writes at Wednesday, 14-May-08 00:02:34 EDT:
I just love, love, love your house, would have loved to seen the inside. The pond turned out just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Prudi Dempsey, Brookfield, Vermont writes at Monday, 28-Apr-08 21:27:04 EDT:
I'm making Pinwheels & Posies and loving it. Thanks

Kathi, Oregon writes at Thursday, 17-Apr-08 00:30:06 EDT:
I enjoy your website and I think your BOM is a wonderful way of inspiring the quilters in all of us. I break my rule of no new projects - one in one out - oh well - the quilt just speaks to me! Thanks - PS - thanks for the video of your applique technique - I shall be trying that one!

Debbie Paxton, Fort Myers, Florida writes at Sunday, 23-Mar-08 22:56:43 EDT:
I attended my first quilter's guild and you were the guest speaker. So, of course, I signed up to take your Sneaky Piecing Tricks workshop. I haven't been qulting for very long and, believe me, I have alot to learn. Your workshop was alot of fun and I learned many tips and techniques. I just finished my quilt top and it turned out better than any others I have completed. Thank you!

Cyndy Dragt, Arlington, NE writes at Wednesday, 19-Mar-08 20:47:05 EDT:
In cleaning out my "stash" I came across a BOM from 2001 titiled, "at Home in My Heart". I found only the first two months and would really like to get the remaining blocks. Does any one have suggestions?

Roseann Hall, Oregon City, Oregon USA writes at Wednesday, 19-Mar-08 19:28:30 EDT:
Love pinwheel and posies three of us are doing it together. Can't wait for next month. Roseann

Karen Cottom, New Ulm, Minnesota writes at Monday, 17-Mar-08 22:17:45 EDT:
Took an applique class and now I am hooked. Loved some of the patterns and am looking forward to trying out some of those patterns.

Gae Nocella, The Villages. Florida writes at Monday, 17-Mar-08 12:14:41 EDT:
Thank you for doing a class and lecture at our guild. Everyone that attended enjoyed hearing you. Hope you had a nice time on your cruise. By the way, just to let you know I am planning on doing your BOM-Pinwheels & Posies. I got some guift certificates for my birthday so what better way to spend it but on fabric. Thanks again and hope we get to have you back again in the future. Gae

Jane Emerson, Upper New York State, near Canada writes at Sunday, 16-Mar-08 14:22:30 EDT:
Beth, Love your patterns and am doing your pinwheels and posies BOM. I cannot find my print out of Month 1. Where do I buy it? I can't find it. Thanks and keep creating. JAne

Ellie Scotland, Leesburg, Fl 34748 writes at Saturday, 15-Mar-08 15:41:11 EDT:
Took your class Sneaking Piecing Tricks while you were in Leesburg. An excellent class. I learned a lot.

Valletta Hudson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada writes at Thursday, 06-Mar-08 22:27:29 EST:
I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and presentation to The Villages Quilt Guild on March 4, 2008. You are an inspiration to all quilters. You make quilting fun. thank you.

Phyllis A. Franklin, Ohio writes at Tuesday, 04-Mar-08 09:33:02 EST:
I have been a visitor to your web site for several years but never have signed your guest book until now. Thanks for all your great applique patterns and books. I saw you on Simply Quilts. It was a great presentation of your techniques. Thanks. -- Phyllis

Carol K Hoeller, Seattle, WA writes at Monday, 03-Mar-08 14:06:31 EST:
I just received your "Hand Applique by Machine" book and wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying it and learning your techniques, and how much I enjoy your sense of humor.

Diana Wright, Battle Mountain. NEVADA writes at Saturday, 01-Mar-08 19:53:02 EST:
I am a novice at appliques. But I am excited to get started.

christine philp, australia writes at Wednesday, 27-Feb-08 06:06:08 EST:

Linda Banasch, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada writes at Tuesday, 26-Feb-08 17:09:29 EST:
Looks like a lovely quilt. I look forward each month to seeing each block.

Kathy Dunn, Hastings MI writes at Friday, 22-Feb-08 05:50:18 EST:
I bought your book on machine applique when you spoke at CalCo quild in Battle Creek and have done the first project. I am really pleased with the results! Hope to start the second project today. Thanks for the block of the month. I've ordered the kit.

Georgette Floyd, BRAINTREE MA writes at Thursday, 21-Feb-08 01:13:12 EST:

Denise T. Vinson, Thomasville, Georgia writes at Saturday, 16-Feb-08 21:49:12 EST:
Hi Beth, I have just finished your Block "Spinning Star" for a Sat Sampler Class. Your instructions are very easy to work with. I love your tip of "Cut me off" for the square in a square block triangles. I'm looking forward to working with more of your block patterns. Did not see the Simply Quilts show, but I will look them up on the show's web page. Also, your website is Great ! Loved the info on your home. Have a Great Quilting Day!! Denise

Lucy Clark, State of Washington writes at Friday, 15-Feb-08 22:43:00 EST:
Love your ideas.

Roseann Hall, Oregon City, Oregon writes at Friday, 15-Feb-08 22:43:49 EST:
I'm really interested in your books. They are wonderful. I'm going to do the block of the month 2008 would like to get the pattern for 2007

Susan Middlemiss, New Zealand writes at Friday, 15-Feb-08 20:32:53 EST:
I like the quilts you have on your site and always print the instructions off. Have yet to actually make one!! But look forward to watching 2008's develop

Trish Drury, Moss Vale n.s.w. Australia writes at Friday, 15-Feb-08 20:13:50 EST:
I was shown simply quilts by a friend and i was so impressed i am still learning how to applique and i just cant wait for this new project i will be doing it with a friend and buying some books happy quilting Trish

Lori Ferrari-McCoy, OC, California writes at Wednesday, 13-Feb-08 22:48:17 EST:
I loved your presentation at our guild (Orange Grove Quilt Guild) today. I can't wait to get your book so I can make an applique quilt. I watched your online video and tried it out. Your quilts are so beautiful. I love the pieced blocks and applique together. Lori

Rose Viola, California,usa writes at Wednesday, 13-Feb-08 17:38:11 EST:
I have just come from my guild meeting where you were the guest speaker. It was wonderful! I truly enjoyed you. Thank you

karen mann, conroe, texas writes at Friday, 08-Feb-08 16:43:48 EST:
my sister suggested i try this site the bom is just the cutest thing

Shirley Robison, Cedar Rapids ,Iowa writes at Sunday, 03-Feb-08 17:09:42 EST:
When will we see a (Mystery Quilt?

Cindy Larson, Frankfort Mi writes at Tuesday, 29-Jan-08 10:36:58 EST:

Deb Thomas, ILLinois writes at Saturday, 26-Jan-08 22:52:42 EST:
I can not wait for your new quilt to come out. I watch you on stmply quilt. I just love every thing you do.

Sheila Rogers-Kahaleauki, Maui, Hawaii writes at Friday, 25-Jan-08 00:32:09 EST:
Just signed onto your site, am quite impressed. Nice to see things from far away. I believe I visited your booth at the HQF this past November. Aloha, Sheila

shirley grade, wisconsin writes at Tuesday, 22-Jan-08 16:37:17 EST:
All our bom's are just beautifull thank you shirley

Pam Thornton, Vancouver, WA writes at Sunday, 13-Jan-08 18:31:56 EST:
My first time here. Loved the applique tutorial.

Barbara Melton, Crane, MO writes at Sunday, 06-Jan-08 22:14:44 EST:
Beth, I just watched a recorded Simply Quilts program. You were demonstrating your shortcuts-tricks. Simply amazing. Now, I want all your books. I was at the point of not desiring any more books until I saw your "tricks". Wonderful. Also, your personality sparkled.

Emma J. McConnell, Eufaula, Oklahoma writes at Sunday, 23-Dec-07 01:00:08 EST:
I really like the way you made the applique on Simply Quilts. I can't wait to try using your way of doing it.

Fran, Ironwood, MI 49938 writes at Saturday, 15-Dec-07 14:36:36 EST:
What a beautiful quilt. Look forward into making it.

marie walraven, Essexville,Mi writes at Tuesday, 04-Dec-07 19:37:20 EST:
What a fantastic website!

Eileen Marshall, Massachusetts writes at Wednesday, 28-Nov-07 07:08:09 EST:
I watched you on Simply Quilts on 11/26/07 and loved the piecing tricks you showed. I am in the process of doing a quilt with a square in a square block and it will be so much easier to sew now that I know your tricks.

Patricia Gross, Prudenville MI writes at Tuesday, 27-Nov-07 20:00:25 EST:
I saw you on Simply Quilts and have to tell you that I throughly enjoyed your outlook on quilting. I am a relatively new quilter and feel that quilting should be fun. Although I truly admire the more complicated patterns, I really enjoy the simple art of quilting. You make it so fun and it is great to see your simple tips for taking care of what seems to be complicated problems. Thank you so much for your insite. Patty G

Sandra Hilliker, Clinton Township Michigan writes at Tuesday, 27-Nov-07 12:43:51 EST:
I am a beginner in machine quilting. Today, I saw you on tv. I am going to attempt to make a quilt using your instructions I saw on the show.

Judith Mayberry, Sumter SC writes at Tuesday, 27-Nov-07 09:30:09 EST:
I just saw you for the first time on Simply Quilts and really loved your quilting. I am a like to do needle turn Applique and I liked how you combined regular blocks with applique. I am going to start collecting your books now!! Judy

Jackie Smith, Daggett, MI writes at Tuesday, 27-Nov-07 09:26:56 EST:
I seen you on the Simply Quilts show today, 27 November 07. I loved it and you and your tricks and tips.

Barbara Switzer, Aylett,Va writes at Tuesday, 27-Nov-07 09:02:42 EST:
I just saw you on Simply Quilts. Thank you I

Jean Gall, Georgetown SC writes at Tuesday, 27-Nov-07 08:44:18 EST:
I saw you on simply quilts and loved it. I have reached your site and I want all the books. Will start soon. Thank you for the tips on the show. If you have a newsletter, please sign me up

Kathy Tracey, Chicago, Il writes at Monday, 26-Nov-07 13:21:07 EST:
Have you posted any tips for the November block?

Catherine E Farmer, Canada writes at Saturday, 24-Nov-07 13:15:21 EST:
Hi I am trying to print the last month of Ribbon & Bows and I can't find it. Been trying since the 15th. Why come as I was able to print the last 9 months of it.

denise duca, washington, mi writes at Friday, 16-Nov-07 14:09:00 EST:
I really enjoyed your lecture last night at Cameo Quilters guild. You were totally a surprise since I had never heard your name before or anything about your work. You were very informative and funny. In Michigan your positive attitude was really what I needed with the economy and all. Thanks again and hope to join your workshop at a future date. I have to babysit for grand babies this weekend. I am the one who is a certified Quilt in a Day instructor. I like to learn from the best. I guess I am a quilt groupie. Keep your mojo going, Denise

Morag Keenan, Scotland writes at Sunday, 11-Nov-07 08:50:52 EST:
Beth, I have never tried machine applique but have just finished reading Hand Applique by Machine and watched your web video. I am now going to try it out. Hope it is as easy as you make it look!I love your style of writing.

Sandra O'Leary, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada writes at Saturday, 10-Nov-07 08:47:34 EST:
I just found your site and am very excited with what I see! Is there a news letter? This is going to be my one & only quilting site from now on. Everything you have on your site is for me. I feel that you know what I am thinking! Thank you so much for all that you do for us. Sandra

Randi Dodge, Philomath, Oregon writes at Saturday, 10-Nov-07 04:48:41 EST:
Wow, love your new pattern. How much is the shipping...will want to have this one for myself. Please e-mail me with the shipping cost so I can mail in my order. Just wonderful...lots of color, design, and many ways to use all the techniques that a quilter knows. randi.dodge@oregonstate.edu

Jennie Gibson, Australia writes at Thursday, 08-Nov-07 16:17:33 EST:
Hi Beth, I am a lurker on Apple boms, but do all your quilts. Am really looking forward to the 2008 smaller quilt. Thank you for sharing your patterns, knowledge and most of all for the inspiration and making me push my limits. Kind Regards Jennie

Joann, Dodge, C, West Valley City, Utah writes at Wednesday, 07-Nov-07 13:27:29 EST:
I just received your book Out of the Cupboard. I can't wait to do the projects. I love your other books and will be purchasing more at a later date. Your site is now in my favorites on my computer. Thank you for your beautiful works.

Marjorie Mitchell, Washington writes at Tuesday, 06-Nov-07 17:29:41 EST:
I hope you come to Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington. Your calendar does not seem to stretch this far across the country. I still am hopeful.

Denise Mohler, Ocala Florida writes at Tuesday, 30-Oct-07 13:55:29 EDT:
Beautiful Quilt

Sandy Taylor, 503 S Madison St. Macomb Il. 61455 writes at Wednesday, 17-Oct-07 14:06:42 EDT:
I saw you on Simply Quilts I liked it very much. I saw the picture of your house at Christmas very pretty. I love to quilt I am just starting I am not very good or have enough time. Sandy

Rosie, Alberta Canada writes at Monday, 15-Oct-07 20:56:05 EDT:
Hi Beth...we need some more updated photos of Alexander in his album

Janice Shoup, Lakewood NY writes at Friday, 12-Oct-07 08:11:29 EDT:
I also live in a Greek revival Home. I inherited the home from my mother's side of my family. I am also opening a Quilt Shop in Jamestown NY and will be calling to set up a wholesale account. Thanks for sharing about your home. I also met you in Westfield NY and had the pleasure of holding up your gorgous creations! (I am the tall one) Looking forward to working with you! Janice Shoup Quilters' Haven 115 McDaniel Ave. Jamestown, NY 14701 716-665-6524

Patrecia Ross, Marlette, Michigan writes at Sunday, 23-Sep-07 22:23:14 EDT:
Hi, Beth, Sure loved seeing you at MQN in Muskegon! I bought your books that I didn't already have. Your applique shapes are truly unique........more interesting than most and yet not fussy. Thanks for brightening up my lonely life (husband died 2 years ago).

Shirley Robison, Cedar Rapids ,Iowa writes at Monday, 17-Sep-07 13:23:41 EDT:
I loved your last Mystery Quilt? When I was done,I gave it to my granddaughter for her 18th birthday. She loved it.I find your instructions very easy to use.thank you.

Kay Dyke, Kansas writes at Thursday, 16-Aug-07 10:30:43 EDT:
I am getting ready to start the Birds and Blooms now that my kids are in school. I think you and I are the same age(at least graduating class of 75!) Like your way of writing... now to get started!

Krista Prout, Rosebush, Michigan writes at Tuesday, 14-Aug-07 20:16:52 EDT:
Hello Beth, I sure miss you.....I hope all is great....Maybe someday we can get together again. Your still the tops. Krista

Kay LaBute Rossler, Novi, Michigan writes at Thursday, 02-Aug-07 16:37:51 EDT:
Hi Beth, I took a class from you a few years ago in Gladwin at our Quilt Chat retreat. Looks like you have been busy. Just wanted to say Hi!! Kay

Cheryl Uribe "Gizmo Girl", Livermore, California writes at Thursday, 19-Jul-07 18:23:12 EDT:
Hi Beth, Looking forward to meeting you in LaVeta, Colorado!

Barbara McInnis, Lancaster, England. writes at Sunday, 15-Jul-07 15:23:16 EDT:
Your book and booklets arrived safely - now look forward to making your super Lilibet's Garden quilt for my guest room.

Joanne Ballew, Washington writes at Friday, 13-Jul-07 20:35:30 EDT:
I love Beth's patterns. I made MOONDANCE last year and had such a wonderful time with all the dragonflies and flowers! It is such a great pattern and soooo much fun to make with all her tips and suggestions!

Andrea Johnson, Minnesota writes at Tuesday, 19-Jun-07 12:14:52 EDT:
Beth, I was in your beginning class last week in St. Paul. I just want you to know, I went home and spent half of Sunday practicing machine quilting...and everything just clicked. Your story about the "sky hook" helped and I now know I won't need to buy that BSR. Thank you, I am ecstatic to know that I'll be able to finish my own quilts! I LOVE your quilting and your quilting philosophy. Andrea

Patti Culter, 2sew.1qlt_4embr@earthlink.net writes at Monday, 18-Jun-07 14:10:12 EDT:
Bth, I've been a fan of yours for several years--I'm happy to have found your website. May God bless you!

linda landis, mountaintop. pa writes at Tuesday, 15-May-07 14:53:23 EDT:
love the quilt. looking forward to it

Kay Crandall, Tucson Arizona writes at Saturday, 12-May-07 13:42:55 EDT:
Your website is great and I really appreciate your block of the months!

Kathy Perry, Livingston, Texas writes at Thursday, 03-May-07 09:43:28 EDT:
My friend, Joan Duerden from Kinsman, Ohio, sent me your beautiful website. Joan and I share such a special friendship and love of quilts. Your quilts are exquisite. Thank you for your lovely ideas.

Rita Meyerhoff, Arvada,CO writes at Sunday, 29-Apr-07 12:03:55 EDT:
Beth, I just wanted to thank you for your book Hand Aplique by Machine...I have read it cover to cover and can't wait to try all the techniques. I have always wanted to try applique but struggled. You have made it easy and enjoyable with your wonderful book. Thanks.

kelly gleason, new york writes at Saturday, 28-Apr-07 21:19:59 EDT:
I love this site even though im 9

Judy Gillen, Minnesota writes at Tuesday, 24-Apr-07 16:31:25 EDT:
April's pattern - Am I supposed to just sew the blossoms together for later use? Not clear in this brain. Love the quilt..

Eva, 1,Germany,Carolina writes at Tuesday, 24-Apr-07 11:01:28 EDT:
Very good site, thank you! Bookmarked :)

Barb Rohrmayr, Hawii writes at Monday, 23-Apr-07 15:00:22 EDT:
I enjoy your site so much. I look forward to the day that I will be able to enjoy doing the applique as much as I enjoy seeing it.

Sonia Koerner, Westfield, NY writes at Friday, 20-Apr-07 07:44:29 EDT:
Beth, you are inspiring! I thoroughly enjoyed your talk last night at the Westfield Quilters' Guild meeting. Thanks!

Vivianne Andersson, Sweden writes at Monday, 09-Apr-07 06:41:56 EDT:
I found your Quilt Pattern last month and I really enjoyed your beautyful block of the month 2007. Have got the Country Rose as the first one and are looking forward to se all nice blocks from the groups sewing. Thank you Beth for a wonderful designwork! Vivianne http://janegardner.zoomin.se

Ginger McNeal, Monroe, LA writes at Tuesday, 03-Apr-07 14:48:38 EDT:
Beth, I learned so much in your classes, and I am turned on to applique! Thanks for sharing your methods. I've begun other quilts that have applique on them and this has provided me a whole new direction in quilting. Thanks again!

Jean Orsargos, Brownstown, Michigan writes at Wednesday, 28-Mar-07 10:22:27 EDT:
I recently joined the Appleboms group on Yahoo. I am so intrigued and excited about the Ribbons and Blooms quilt. After looking at all of the beautiful patterns on your website I got even more excited. My quilting began about two years ago and I look forward to making this BOM with you. Thanks so much for making this available to me.

JOYCE Lamb, Niagara Falls, N.Y. writes at Saturday, 17-Mar-07 12:15:50 EDT:
I'm a new quilter and love your blocks of the month. Just moved back to Niagara and looking for a quilt group. Enjoy Quilting very much!

Judy, Shreveport, LA writes at Monday, 12-Mar-07 13:03:45 EDT:
As a new quilter and guild member, I so enjoyed your talk to us. It's been the best I've been to so far. Made it sound like it could be fun - no matter how much I seem to rip out....thanks for coming and as we say in the south - "Ya come back now, ya hear."

Carol Gould, Colorado Springs, CO writes at Friday, 23-Feb-07 11:07:32 EST:
Beth, you are my hero. Thanks and God bless.

Kathy Amstone, California writes at Thursday, 22-Feb-07 11:13:11 EST:
I enjoy your patterns and website very much. Thank You

Jeniene Theisz, Vic. Australia writes at Thursday, 22-Feb-07 05:59:45 EST:

Zella McKenzie, Zephyrhills, Florida writes at Tuesday, 20-Feb-07 18:46:37 EST:
Beautiful quilt, Looks like a fun one to do this year

Aileen Feeney, Sydney Australia writes at Tuesday, 20-Feb-07 18:45:09 EST:
I am looking forward to starting this quilt. The quilts you design including Lillibet's garden are a joy to make, raising the quality bar considerably. Many thanks Aileen Feeney

Leona pepin, Malone, New York writes at Monday, 19-Feb-07 07:53:17 EST:
Love your web site. The quilts are just gorgeous. I just wish that you had a monthly newsletter to remind us that the new block of the month is out. I can't wait until I start the new one. Keep up the good work.

Bonnie Hession, Crofton, B.C. Canada writes at Sunday, 18-Feb-07 13:44:07 EST:
Last year I did the Lillebet's Garden and enjoyed very much. Looking forward to getting this years quilt started. I also bought a book from this site and was nothing but please. So far I believe this is the best site on the computer as far as quilting goes.

Mary C, Cypress, TX (Houston suburb) writes at Sunday, 18-Feb-07 12:10:22 EST:
I so enjoyed Lillibet's Garden & looking forward to starting Ribbon Blooms.

Clairellen McLaughlin, Harrisville, Michigan writes at Saturday, 10-Feb-07 14:57:55 EST:
Looking forward to meeting you at Showcase in September!

Carol Lehr, Sheridan, IN writes at Wednesday, 07-Feb-07 18:37:37 EST:
I love each and every one of your patterns. If I had enough time I'd buy every single one! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us quilters!

Nancy Pierce , Rochester MN 55901 writes at Wednesday, 31-Jan-07 09:47:16 EST:
You website has great appeal. Looking forward to seeing more of you. Got your site from "Quilts Your Way." Nancy

Donna Docks, Clinton Township, Michigan writes at Tuesday, 30-Jan-07 19:20:32 EST:
I discovered your patterns and site from other quilting friends online. Thank you for the beautiful patterns...I will be ordering soon!

Yvonne Fanning, Oregon writes at Monday, 29-Jan-07 15:03:58 EST:
very beautiful

Nancy Summers, Illinois writes at Monday, 29-Jan-07 14:20:05 EST:
Lillibet's Garden is my third Beth Ferrier BOM and I have loved every one of them. Can hardly wait for 2007's. I check your website every day looking for it because I know it will be wonderful. Is there any chance you might offer some machine quilting tips or directions in the future? I have just begun machine quilting and could use any help I could get. I can't get to a guild so what I get from self teaching and the 'net is it. Think about it, will you? A devoted fan, Nancy

Hélène Lhermenier, France writes at Friday, 26-Jan-07 11:32:12 EST:
Beth,un grand merci pour les superbes modèles que vous nous offrez en BOM.J'aime beaucoup le style de vos patchs;j'ai commencé le "Lillebet's garden".Il est superbe! meilleurs voeux pour l'année 2007...avec un autre joli BOM? Suis je la seule française à connaitre votre site?

Wilhelmina Griffin, Canada writes at Friday, 26-Jan-07 08:30:29 EST:
Really enjoyed your block of the month for 2006 and look forward to 2007

Robin Jarvis, Barker, N.Y. 14012 writes at Sunday, 21-Jan-07 19:39:40 EST:
Lorle Starling, Lake Oswego, Oregon writes at Thursday, 04-Jan-07 17:48:10 EST:
I just read my Summer 2006 American Quilter Mag. In it was your beautiful quilt, Hawaiian Punch, and I wanted to let you know I was the high bidder on it and it now hangs in my home. I have never before bid on anything at an auction and was thrilled to be able to get it. Thank you for your contribution. I love the quilt.

MonaLisa Keane, Yarra Valley Vic. Australia writes at Thursday, 04-Jan-07 00:44:40 EST:
Beth, How do I begin to thank you for the wonderful B.O.M. you so kindly shared with quilters around the world. May God's Blessings be with you and your family in the coming years. I wish you and your family good health,love and lots of shared laughter in 2007. MonaLisa

Eva Green, NSW Australia writes at Monday, 01-Jan-07 23:58:09 EST:
I have missed out on previous block of the months but my new years resolution is not to miss a single block in 2007 thank you all for the oppertunity, In friendship Eva .

NANCY FOISY, COOS BAY, OREGON writes at Friday, 29-Dec-06 12:48:42 EST:
Myself and 3 friends used your 2006 quilt design to each make our version of your patterns throughout the year. Although I have taught classes for nearly 40 years and written a book, NanC's Quilted Jackets, I still found your designs provided learning curves that I had not seen. My compliments to you and to your generosity of sharing with those who wish the challenge.

Judy C, North Carolina writes at Wednesday, 13-Dec-06 07:52:39 EST:

Bairbre Bible, Hill Country Quilt Guild, Texas writes at Friday, 08-Dec-06 20:59:58 EST:
Enjoyed browsing through your website. I am so excited to be taking your Totally Free Motion Quilting Workshop. I am a stubborn beginner and your class will be my first Workshop. Looking forward to having fun in your Workshop in Kerrville, Texas on January 16, 2007!

Karen Kraft, Michigan..USA writes at Sunday, 03-Dec-06 12:28:53 EST:
Thank you so very much for a beautiful and fantastic quilt. This is my only site, my only space/spot in or off the computer where I have a "quilt guild". I work such erratic days/hours that I don't have a meeting place other than here (and now that Simply quilts is not on anymore..I won't see you there either). Thanks for your wonderful site and your giving heart for the quilt each year. Big hugs and kind feelings from me to you and yours.

Judy, Virginia writes at Saturday, 18-Nov-06 09:37:42 EST:
Dear Beth: Thank you so much for your generosity in providing this BOM free of charge. I have really enjoyed the challenges involved.

Jolene, Minnesota writes at Saturday, 18-Nov-06 05:51:38 EST:
I love the pattern this year. I hope you have another one next year. Thank you for your beautiful work!

Henry H Bott, N. OLmsted, Ohio writes at Wednesday, 15-Nov-06 13:41:52 EST:
What a beautiful place! I don't quilt and neither does my wife but she would like to start. Time??? She doesn't have any extra. Beth, You Mother Audrey gave me your website. She was my sweetie our senior year in school She still a sweetie.

Shirley Alexander, Wisconsin writes at Wednesday, 15-Nov-06 13:36:53 EST:
Your block instructions are excellent! Each has easy to piece and measures accurately.

Libby Blaha, Caldwell, Texas writes at Wednesday, 08-Nov-06 17:24:53 EST:
So many beautiful patterns.....can't wait to try them

maggierosecopple, Nebraska writes at Sunday, 05-Nov-06 19:09:03 EST:
I love your BOMs

BERNICE CARROLL, OHIO writes at Saturday, 04-Nov-06 19:32:04 EST:

JOYCE RAGAN, WEST VIRGINIA writes at Thursday, 02-Nov-06 11:16:28 EST:

Barbara Cox, Alaska writes at Tuesday, 31-Oct-06 22:19:50 EST:
First time here..great website..I'm off to more browsing!

Shirley Soucy, Rapid City, SD writes at Sunday, 15-Oct-06 20:48:25 EDT:
Beth, Thank you so much for the beautiful 2006 BOM. I have completed all the blocks and I am looking forward to finishing the quilt Even though I am a long time quilter, I found your shortcuts very helpful. Keep up the good work.

Barbara Dieckmann, Arizona writes at Thursday, 21-Sep-06 12:41:08 EDT:
I've been enjoying this year's BOM enormously, even if not current. Life does happen. Keep up the lovely and clever designs, please. Also, a fee would not be out of order, tho I'm not sure how you would do it.

Jane Kerr, Cedar Grove, Indiana writes at Friday, 15-Sep-06 08:52:06 EDT:
First visit to your website. Love the BOM and wish I had gotten in on it sooner. Perhaps next year. Off to do more browsing!

Maralee Welch, Bryceville, Florida writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 21:02:26 EDT:
I was very impressed with your short cuts on the Simply Quilt Program. You were very informative.

Wanda Phillips, Sandston, VA writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 15:22:59 EDT:
I'm currently participating in Lillibets Garden and love it. I was lucky enough to be off today and saw you on Simply Quilts, great tips! I'm going to order your Simply Pleasures book. Thanks for sharing!!

Margaret Grande, Washington, New Jersey writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 14:09:00 EDT:
I love your patterns. I am working on a Year in a Garden. I can't wait to finish it.

Barbara Seiberling, Pennsylvania writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 10:08:02 EDT:
I saw your show on Simply Quilts this morning and I also learned some new techniques. I have been quilting for many years, and am always open to new ideas. You must be a very interesting teacher. I wish it was possible to be in one of your classes. What fun it would be. Thanks again for being a quilter.

Jane DeNike, 347 Highland St., Lunenburg, MA 01462 writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 09:40:49 EDT:
Greatly enjoyed the photos of your studio.

barbara, wentzville mo writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 09:21:00 EDT:
Great tips on the Simply Quilts show !

Nancy Reed, Middletown, Indiana writes at Monday, 28-Aug-06 09:08:17 EDT:
Great job on Simily Quilts 8/28/06 showing techniques on square in a square block. I am very impressed with your teaching skills and your web site. Keep up the great work.

Nancy Foisy, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 writes at Sunday, 27-Aug-06 14:17:51 EDT:
Beth, You might like to check page 2 of the August block. I found the math on cutting for the Tubby Triangle to be short. The 5 3/4" X 14" cut may need to read 14 3/8" long. My cut worked better and would have been too short at 14". Please reply w/your thoughts. foisy2@hotmail.com

Jo-Ann Fried, Toronto, Ontario, Canada writes at Sunday, 27-Aug-06 01:28:41 EDT:
Love your site! Love your house! I am opening a quilt shop in Toronto shortly and am looking forward to carrying your patterns and possibly teaching your techniques.....

Joy Vale, Anglesea, Victoria, Australia writes at Tuesday, 13-Jun-06 23:39:48 EDT:
Love your BOM Lillebet's Garden - am going to visit each month to collect all the patterns and make the quilt. You have a lovely site to visit, easy to move around and loads of info, wish I was a lot closer to visit in the 'flesh', but alas I am on the other side of the world. Nevermind when I win Lotto???????

Barbara Roberts, Pinellas Park, Florida 33781 writes at Friday, 02-Jun-06 11:53:30 EDT:
I have you quilt pattern "Morning Glory" and I just love it. I came to this website to learn about Applewood Farms. I am just a curious quilter. Barbara

Debra Doherty, Kentucky writes at Friday, 05-May-06 19:16:01 EDT:
I love your work, especially applique. I'm looking forward to taking your applique class in Columbus in June, 2006.

Joanne, Lowell, Massachusetts writes at Tuesday, 02-May-06 20:53:31 EDT:
I was hoping you had a newsletter. I live near the New England Quilt Mueseum and I like going there just to visit and see all the quilts on display

Peggy Miller, Oxford, Michigan writes at Saturday, 29-Apr-06 08:39:49 EDT:

Dawn Schultz, Wallingford, Connecticut writes at Thursday, 23-Mar-06 10:25:55 EST:
Interesting site. Going to purchase book to learn how to applique.

Marion Kersnick, Tempe, Arizona writes at Friday, 10-Mar-06 02:05:11 EST:
I love your books and your web site is Fabulous!

marinella, milano, italy writes at Sunday, 05-Mar-06 12:42:59 EST:
I saw your tast block of the month and.....is fantastic

Carol, Chicago writes at Sunday, 19-Feb-06 10:12:45 EST:
What a wonderful site. The BOM looks like fun!

Laura Kinner, Toledo,Ohio writes at Saturday, 18-Feb-06 15:28:57 EST:
I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I really did move back to Ohio in early November. I am at the University of Toledo Library. I found some quilt buddies and will be discovering all of the fabric/quilt stores in this area of Ohio and SE Michigan. Take care, Always, Laura

Nancy Achin, Florida writes at Friday, 17-Feb-06 23:28:54 EST:
I just browsed through the photos of the buildout on your "new" office and workspace - very nice! The comment about the cap Kent is wearing, with the "Holden" on it, has me puzzled. What is a Holden, other than a car and my family name? :)

Elizabeth Kellett, Wisconsin writes at Wednesday, 15-Feb-06 20:50:30 EST:
I learned about your website from a chat room. I took a Machine Applique class from Beth last year in Duluth. I now use the method for all applique(Used to use wonder under or hand applique Will try the BOM

Patti G, OH writes at Tuesday, 14-Feb-06 21:59:18 EST:
Great web site. Looking forward to NQA and meeting you!

Muriel Mahn, New Hampshire writes at Thursday, 09-Feb-06 14:50:02 EST:
I just found your site, thanks to the Delphi Quilting Forums. I especially like the fact that several of your designs feature the pillow covers. Starting the new 2006 BOM and I love it.

Marilyn Steele, Boalsburg PA writes at Sunday, 29-Jan-06 11:09:31 EST:
Just saw you on Simply Quilts - would love to take a class. Short cuts are the best. Wish I could take a class from you.

Teresa Madinski, Fort Wayne, Indiana writes at Friday, 27-Jan-06 07:20:26 EST:
I love your house, it is just beautiful. I, too, look at all the different houses as we are traveling. Had we been 20 years younger we would have loved to restore an old house to its hey day. Thanks for your pictures, love your quilts.. Teresa's Quilting.

Nancy Wolff, PA writes at Thursday, 26-Jan-06 13:36:19 EST:
Wonderful site, heard about it online chat room. Will probably try your BOM.

Jan Ouellette, Wyandotte Michigan writes at Thursday, 26-Jan-06 12:50:16 EST:
Saw Beth on Simply Quilts loved your tips [i'm a fairly new quilter] and especilly loved Moondance so i had to order the book. thank you i see a road trip in the future.

Natalie Runion, St. Robert, Missouri writes at Wednesday, 25-Jan-06 19:36:45 EST:
I caught you on an episode of Simply Quilts and was impressed with your techniques. I am fairly new to quilting and have always been afraid of doing more than perfect squares or rail fence but after watching the show I am going to try to be a little more daring. Thank you very much.Natalie Runion

Sue Northrop, Martinez, CA writes at Wednesday, 25-Jan-06 14:44:56 EST:
great exciting website. WOW!

Yvonne Joy Caton, Wanakena, NY writes at Tuesday, 24-Jan-06 22:16:24 EST:
I saw your segment on Simply Quilts this morning, January 24, 2006 and enjoyed it. I hope to try out your techniques soon. Thank you.

Linda Lange, Missouri writes at Tuesday, 24-Jan-06 15:31:32 EST:
Enjoyed your segment on Simply Quilts that aired 24 Jan 2006. Your instructions were so simple to understand that as a beginner I was anxious to start using your techniques. Thank You.

Suzi Walker, Michigan writes at Tuesday, 24-Jan-06 09:18:37 EST:
You have a lovely website. Your quilts are so dynamic!!! I just saw you on Simply Quilts and was very impressed. I was most interested since you are from Michigan, also.

Annabelle R. Claghorn, Madison, Indiana writes at Tuesday, 24-Jan-06 08:55:36 EST:
watched you on simply quilts show jan. 24th, 2006 HGTV chennel... thanks for all the tips....

Ramona Hamline, Larkspur, Colorado writes at Monday, 23-Jan-06 20:41:49 EST:
Thank you so much for the lovely BOM quilt! I look forward to sewing this beautiful quilt - everyone in my quilting bee is excited about your website and several of us are interested in the BOM! Thanks again!

Betty Moore, North Bay, Ontario writes at Monday, 23-Jan-06 13:48:44 EST:

Renate, Long Beach, CA writes at Friday, 13-Jan-06 11:28:48 EST:
What a wonderful lecture you gave at our guild last night ! I thouroughly enjoyed your very funny lecture and your quilts were amazing! I have never attempted a quilt with the "A" word so I will be challanging myself with your new BOM ! (is it the 15th yet????) Going out today to get some of the supplies...woohooo

Nikki Mundt, Dallas, Texas writes at Thursday, 12-Jan-06 00:11:15 EST:
I look forward to working on your new BOM. I have an 8 year old daughter and 8 month old daughter. Needless to say, I don't have a lot of time to put a whole quilt together at once. Maybe a BOM will be a little easier to manage. Here's hoping.

sue morris, Cottesloe Western Australia writes at Wednesday, 11-Jan-06 05:46:16 EST:
Thankyou for the new bom. I have never attempted one, but this looks lovely - I look forward to the 15th of each month. ps. I love your words on your home page Beth. regards. Sue.

Jo Ann Dzielinski, Danbury, CT USA writes at Friday, 06-Jan-06 20:22:51 EST:
I heard about the new BOM from a member of our Thursday Night Quilter's group and had to look up the sight. I love the new BOM so will have to fit it in somehow! And I don't applique but if it can be mastered on a machine, I'm game! What are the cat's names? Mine "quilts" with me, a nice calico "Snickers". I also found I have your Out of the Cupboard book and will definately get some more! Thanks!

MonaLisa Keane, Yarra Valley Vic. Australia writes at Wednesday, 04-Jan-06 08:00:13 EST:
Beth you have a beautiful home, thank you for the opportunity to see and read about the house, gardens, Boys and Kelly Kat. I am looking forward in participating in the B.O.M. quilt and thank you for being so generous in sharing your great artistic gift. MonaLisa

I finished your Pretty Poinsetta pattern as a late Christmas gift to my brother. I love the pattern and added glass beads to the center of the flowers. He almost did't get it. I fell in love with it. I did put it in the mail this morning. Thanks for sharing your pattern. I emailed you with a picture of the finished quilt.

Donna Sanford, castile,ny writes at Sunday, 22-Aug-10 18:28:59 EDT:
It was very nice to meet you friday in Dansville ny. Your story is alot like mine in the sense that i was(am) a stay at home mom,raised my kids and several others that were left in my care while there parents worked.I have sewn since a young girl with my grandma,tying off her quilts,needlepoint etc.But i have not been able to figure out what i am supposed to be doing with my life and i turn 50 next month!I am going to think about what you said about stepping out and doing what i want to be doing(sewing).I found a bernina artista 180 at a yard sale for 50.00 the day after i listened to your trunk show,and has the embroidery stuff with it.I think i was supposed to find this deal and try to find my ninch.I was one of 4 people that helped hold up the quilts.I am forwarding the pictures to material rewards so they can have the pictures my friend took for me.thank you

Billie Thompson, Brandon, Mississippi writes at Monday, 17-May-10 09:56:38 EDT:
Love your website. It feels very comfortable. Patterns are great. You seem to be my kind of quilter.

Sandy Weaver, Albuquerque, NM writes at Friday, 30-Apr-10 21:07:10 EDT:
I love your quilts. They show a lot of loving care and thought into each one.

Celia McCollum, Adel, Iowa writes at Friday, 16-Apr-10 14:58:53 EDT:
Our Quilt Circle of Friends are doing "Get 'er Done" things this year and I pulled out a quilt to finish and found it to be Pathway to Patchwork from 2000!! It was fun to find you are still on the internet and I hope to get some more of your BOM. Mine will be completed soon.


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